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Action & Emergency provide nationally recognised First Aid Training and CPR refresher courses. We offer on-site training to organisations and workplaces, as well as public courses at a training centre situated in Runaway Bay.

Located on the Gold Coast, we understand the film and entertainment industry is growing. Providing on-set paramedics, and specialised rescue teams, we can effectively manage the safety of all cast and crew. We offer a tailored stand-by service to suit any productions needs. 

Have a local event coming up? We can provide a first aid post complete with an event paramedic on duty. Catering to any event size, large or small.
We are always ready for action.


Trainer using first aid manikin

First Aid Training

Update your certificates and confidently manage emergency situations to provide a first aid response to a casualty.
Corporate bookings currently available.

TV camera with bush in background

Film & TV Paramedics

Specialising in stunt safety, we offer professional, and experienced on-set paramedical stand-by to ensure the safety of all cast and crew.

Medic bandaging up a foot

Event Services

Our standby units offer a single or multiple paramedic crew to provide an immediate response in the event of a time critical emergency.


Our team comprises of highly experienced, tertiary qualified clinicians from a variety of backgrounds including state ambulance services, advanced primary response units, and aeromedical retrieval operations.

Not only do we have an advanced understanding of emergency medicine, we can also provide learners with a unique insight to real – life emergencies that can only come with years of practical experience.

Our courses are extremely practical and held in small groups to ensure everyone’s needs are being met. Learners are guaranteed to leave feeling confident, competent, and ready to tackle any emergency situation.


Angela Sippel CPR Refresher Testimonial

” I found the course extremely beneficial and very informative. 

With Alicia’s background as a paramedic, she was able to share experiences which
really helped put into perspective the importance of  CPR.

I do recommend doing your next CPR or First Aid course with Action & Emergency.”

– Angela Sippel

Colin Handley First Aid Course Testimonial

” I found Alicia’s approach very relaxed, but very thorough. She’s certainly concerned with attention to detail.

Of particular interest for me were the new CPR techniques, the use of the defibrillator, and the EpiPen as my grandchildren can be anaphylactic.

I will highly recommend Alicia’s course to anyone considering first aid or refresher courses. “

– Colin Handley


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