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Event Services

What we offer

Our standby units offer a single or multiple paramedic crew OR event first aid post providing an immediate response in the event of a time critical emergency.
Crews typically work in and around the Gold Coast and Brisbane regions, but do have the capacity to work anywhere in Queensland.
Equipped with advanced life support kits including oxygen/ suction units, airway management equipment, trauma kits and cardiac defibrillators/ monitoring.
All of our registered paramedics are tertiary qualified and suitably licensed to carry and administer medications up to and including Schedule 8 medicines.
All paramedics are appropriately covered with public liability, professional indemnity and medical malpractice insurances.
Our service also includes an emergency physician who is available to provide our paramedics with additional clinical support/ phone consultation as required.

Ask us about our corporate First Aid training packages available to provide additional support at your next event.

How we work

Our paramedics have the capability to work in a roaming capacity or remain stationed at a designated first aid post.
In the event of an emergency our paramedics are first on scene to assess the level of care required and initiate immediate life-saving treatment. Where appropriate, low acuity patients will be managed on-site. For instances where patients require urgent transport to hospital, our paramedics will contact the local state ambulance service to arrange for priority transportation. Our crew will remain on-site to provide ongoing medical coverage throughout the duration of the event so as not to incur any down time or losses.

Not only are our paramedics on standby in case of an emergency, but they also offer basic primary care to all event staff and visitors. Our first aid stations can supply sunscreen, basic hydration supplementation, band-aids, ice-packs and strapping.

                                                                          Early access and intervention is known to potentiate better patient outcomes.

Why choose us?

What sets us apart from other services is the level of experience and variable skill-sets of our officers. Our paramedics have years of on-road experience within both state emergency services and private organisations. Our area of expertise is emergency extrication and scene management. We guarantee a rapid extrication time so that your event can continue on with minimal interruptions without compromising patient care.

Our paramedics are all approved clinicians on the national paramedical register. This ensures they are appropriately qualified, experienced and skills are maintained at a national standard. For transparency purposes, registration validity is open to the public meaning you can search for our officers complete list of credentials at any given point. Officers have the autonomy to work as an individual officer or alongside additional volunteers and first aiders’, depending on the scale of the event.

Our paramedics have experience working the following types of events:

– Horse races, harness racing events & horse auctions
– Football matches
– Film & Television productions
– Motorsports V8’s and motorbike racing
– Dirt bike and mountain bike events
– Music festivals
– School sporting events